Universal Layer 1-for-All Blockchain

Layer 1-for-All

The mission of Oho Blockchain is “The Universal Layer 1-for-All Blockchain” with the goal to provide pleasant user experiences and effortless adoption to the general public. One of our main goals is to provide user-friendly universal tools for EVM compatible networks and EVM communities which will help differentiate us from other projects.

Oho is a layer-1 blockchain, and the native coin of the Oho Blockchain is $OHO Coin – a carefree yet powerful cryptocurrency for everyone to enjoy.

The word “Oho” 🔊 (əʊˈhəʊ) in English is used to express pleasant surprise or recognition.

Oho blockchain is a fast, scalable, smart contract capable, EVM compatible, eco-friendly and secure blockchain platform built on PoA consensus protocol that can support short block time at 3-second and low fees.

Oho Blockchain has the following specifications:

  • Proof of Authority (POA) consensus
  • EVM compatible (EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine)
  • 3-second block time
  • Immediate finality
  • Smart contract capable

Oho Scan is the blockchain explorer for viewing transactions, blocks, accounts, tokens, contracts and DApps on the Oho Blockchain.

You can safely keep OHO Coin at Oho Web Wallet, MetaMask or Ledger hardware wallet. If you would like to keep OHO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you can use any BSC compatible wallets to store OHO BEP20 token.

The native OHO Coin and OHO BEP20 Token are interchangeable at 1:1 ratio at supporting exchanges.

The simplest way to earn $OHO is by staking. $OHO stake rewards are fixed at 2.00%/year giving holders an extra bonus to enjoy. The stake rewards pool of 10 billion $OHO is sustainable to provide stake rewards to holders for at least a couple of decades.

Staking $OHO is quite straightforward. Just swap $OHO to WOHO Token at Oho Swap, and then deposit your WOHO Token on the Stake Page to earn rewards.

Everyone can easily buy $OHO Coin, or swap it with an OSC-20 Token and OHO USDT (OUSDT) at Oho Swap Defi Platform.

Wrapped OHO Token (WOHO) is the tokenized version of $OHO Coin – allowing direct and seamless exchanges with an OSC20 token.

Oho Smart Chain Tokens (OSC20) are tokens created on OHO Blockchain and can be exchanged with $OHO Coin or OUSDT at Oho Swap

You can effortlessly use Oho Universal Token Creator to create your own token/cryptocurrency on Oho chain or any EVM compatible chain for free in seconds. That’s right, you can use Oho Universal Token Creator to create token on ETH, BSC, Fantom, Polygon, and other custom EVM network for free.

Simply enter your token name, symbol, and the amount of token you want to create at Oho Universal Token Creator. If you would like to download an audit report of your token created with Oho Universal Token Creator, please make sure to have some $OHO Coin in your wallet to pay for the report.

Simply send $OHO, OSC20 Token, or token on any EVM chain to multiple addresses at once for free using Oho Universal Multisender.

OHO Universal Multisender currently supports major networks including OHO (OSC20), Ethereum (ERC20), Binance (BEP20), Fantom (FRC20) and Polygon (MRC20).

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