Humanized Crypto for Everyone

OHO Wallets

Safely keep OHO Coin and OSC-20 Tokens at OHO web wallet, MetaMask or Ledger hardware wallet.

OHO Token Creator

Effortlessly create your own token on OHO or any EVM compatible chain for free in just seconds.

OHO Scan

View transactions, token details, smart contracts, and wallet balances in one place.

OHO Swap

Easily buy OHO Coin, or swap it with an OSC-20 Token or OUSDT at OHO Swap Defi Platform.

OHO Multisender

Simply send OHO, OSC20 Token, or token on any EVM chain to multiple addresses at once for free.

OHO Rewards

Simply earn rewards by staking, providing liquidity, or farming at OHO Swap.

OHO Docs

Learn about OHO’s virtually instant transactions, smart contract capabilities, and negligible fees, etc. 

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