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Oho Economy

$OHO Coin (OHO) is the native coin of the Oho Blockchain and is the major currency on at the Oho Swap DeFi platform and many other tools on the Oho Blockchain.


The Oho economy is driven by the value exchange of 5 main cryptocurrencies, including $OHO, WOHO, $OHO BEP20, OSC20 Tokens, and OUSDT Token.

$OHO Coin ($OHO) is the native coin on OHO Blockchain.

Transaction fees and withdrawal fees of $OHO Coin are generally much more cost effective than $OHO BEP20 Token.

Wrapped OHO Token (WOHO) is the tokenized version of $OHO Coin – allowing direct and seamless exchanges with an OSC20 token.


WOHO Contract Address :


$OHO BEP20 Token ($OHO BEP20) is the Oho Token on the Binance Smart Chain, and is interchangeable with $OHO Coin at supporting exchanges.


$OHO BEP20 Contract Address:


OSC20 Token

Oho Smart Chain Tokens (OSC20) are tokens created on the Oho Blockchain and can be exchanged with $OHO Coin or OUSDT at Oho Swap.

Oho US Dollar Token (OUSDT) is an exchange token on the Oho Blockchain, and can be exchanged with $OHO Coin or OSC20 Tokens at Oho Swap.


OUSDT Contract Address:


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