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OHO Coin runs on its own blockchain. OHO blockchain is a fast, scalable, smart contract capable, EVM compatible, eco-friendly and secure blockchain platform built on PoA consensus protocol that can support short block time at 3-second finality and low fees.

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OHO Network has the following specifications:


  • Proof of Authority (POA) consensus
  • EVM compatible (EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine)
  • 1-second block time
  • Immediate finality
  • Smart contract capable
  • Token creation capable


More technical information about OHO blockchain can be found at OHO Developer Portal.

Use Cases

Use cases of OHO network blockchain is quite unlimited because it’s smart contract capable, fast, scalable, and EVM compatible.


Example use cases for OHO Coin and OSC20 Token on OHO network blockchain include:


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming
  • NFT
  • Metaverse
  • Decentralized finance
  • Reward points
  • Community token
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