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Oho Universal Multisender


Done in seconds


Just pay network fee


Support major networks

Simply send $OHO Coin, OSC20 Token, or token on any EVM chain to multiple addresses at once for free using Oho Universal Multisender.


Oho Universal Multisender currently supports major networks including $OHO (OSC20), Ethereum (ERC20), Binance (BEP20), Fantom (FRC20) and Polygon (MRC20).


Just follow the steps below to send your coin/token to multiple addresses at once.
  1. Go to Oho Universal Multisender (
  2. Connect Oho Universal Multisender to Metamask, selecting your desirable network.
  3. Select mainnet coin (e.g., OHO, ETH, BNB) or add a token contract by clicking the “+” icon.
  4. Add addresses and amounts. Please make sure to have “,” between the address and the amount, and start a new line for the next address just like the sample shown at Oho Universal Multisender. You can also upload a CSV file similar to the downloadable example CSV file at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click “Next” button.
  6. Approve the transactions at MetaMask.

If you send to more than 200 addresses, Oho Universal Multisender will create multiple batches comprising maximum 200 addresses each. You will need to approve each batch on MetaMask to complete the whole process.


Please make sure to have enough funds for the gas (network fee) required by your network. Certain networks may require higher gas fee during the busy periods. You may need to “EDIT” the gas limit as necessary.

Oho Multisender in Action

The video clip below shows the whole process of OHO Multisending.

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